The Best Neighborhoods in Chalmette

The Best Neighborhoods in Chalmette

Just a short drive from the famous French Quarter, you’ll find Chalmette, LA. With a rich history and unique culture, Chalmette is an intriguing option for anyone looking to buy a home in the New Orleans area.

Located along the Mississippi River a few miles from New Orleans city limits, Chalmette offers unparalleled convenience and one of the better school districts in the area. With historical sites such as The Chalmette Battlefield and unique events like the Irish, Italian, Islenos Parade there is never a shortage of family friendly activities.

About Chalmette

Chalmette is a small town in the state of Louisiana and has a population of 21,562 residents. Chalmette, unlike other towns, isn’t mainly blue-collar or white-collar, which results in a reasonable cost of living. Chalmette’s most popular occupations are a mixture of blue and white-collar work. Chalmette is home to many office workers and service industry professionals. Sales (14.67%), office support (10.6%), and food service (10.03%) are the most common occupations among residents.

In 2018, Chalmette’s per capita income was $23,420, and a median family income of $47,337.  The median home price in Chalmette is $198,439, placing it well below the Louisiana average of $234,822. 

Compared to the rest of Louisiana, homes in Chalmette are lower than the $234,822 state average. These are the most desirable neighborhoods, as determined by the market. They are where people want to live. These areas are more likely to be safe and have a better quality of life.

Chalmette is a very ethnically diverse town. Chalmette residents describe themselves as being from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds. Chalmette residents have important ancestries in English, French, Irish and German.

Best neighborhoods in Chalmette

  • Battleground Gardens
  • Buccaneer Villa
  • Chalmette Vista
  • Crescent Ridge
  • Floral Estates
  • Le Petit Manor
  • La Salle Terrace
  • Riverland Park
  • Versailles

Best Chalmette neighborhood for families

Chalmette Vista

When it comes to finding the right neighborhood for raising a family in Chalmette, look no further than Chalmette Vista.

Chalmette Vista’s median real estate cost is $162,597. This is higher than 38.3% in Louisiana and 21.2% in the U.S. The average Chalmette Vista rental price is $1,288, These rents are lower than the prices in 40.7% of Louisiana’s neighborhoods.

Chalmette Vista real estate property consists primarily of small to medium-sized homes. Chalmette Vista has many historic, craftsman style houses that were built between 1940-1969.

Best historical neighborhood in Chalmette


Founded by Major-General Pierre Denis de la Ronde (1762-1824) in the early 19th century by a descendant of French Canadian poet and judge Rene-Louis Chartier de Lotbiniere, Versailles was originally intended to not only be a standalone city, but also to surpass the size of New Orleans.

Since then, while having lost its status as a city, Versailles has become one of the most historical and popular neighborhoods in Chalmette.  

Final thoughts on Chalmette neighborhoods

From world renowned restaurants like Rocky & Carlo’s to some of the best fishing in the area, Chalmette has a lot to offer for the prospective homebuyer. Working with a knowledgeable and qualified Chalmette realtor will ensure you choose the right neighborhood for your needs.